Suzuki GD 110s on Installment Latest Price

Suzuki GD 110s on Installment Latest Price. Suzuki Pakistan is one of the leading motorcycle manufacturers in the country, standing out in a market of over 240 million people. The Pak Suzuki Installment Plan offers a flexible way to buy Suzuki motorcycles from company-owned outlets. Suzuki’s famous models, including the GD 110s and GS 150, maintain a strong market presence despite heavy competition.

Suzuki 110 Price in Pakistan 2024 Installment

The Suzuki motorcycles have a stylish look with aero-dynamic designs to reduce air resistance. They feature chrome muffler garnishes and star-shaped alloy rims. Recently, Pak Suzuki Motor Company, like its competitors, increased the prices of all its models by up to Rs60,000. The Suzuki GD 110s has a sophisticated 110 cc engine, providing a robust and fuel-efficient ride. It is designed to be user-friendly, with high engine performance and efficiency, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable ride.

Suzuki GD 110s Colors in Pakistan

The GD 110s is available in four attractive colors:

  • Grey
  • Red
  • Black
  • Blue

Suzuki GD 110s on Installment Latest Price

Suzuki’s latest promotion, inspired by Yamaha, offers attractive benefits for customers using PayPro for payments. The entry-level Suzuki GD 110s remains a significant model for the company. Eligible customers can take advantage of the Suzuki Motorcycles Installment Scheme. For more details, please get in touch with our company-owned outlets.

Suzuki GD 110s Latest Price in Pakistan

Suzuki GD 110s Latest Price in Pakistan (June 2024) Rs352,000

Suzuki GD110s Motorbike – On Installments by Safari Centre

Suzuki offers sturdy motorcycles at competitive prices and challenging brands like Honda and Yamaha. Despite rising prices, Suzuki models such as the GD-110 S, GS-150, GSX-125, and GR-150 continue to be popular. The installment plan includes a 25% down payment with a 0% markup over 24 months. Suzuki bikes are designed for city commuting and are known for their fuel efficiency, reliability, and affordability.

Installment Plan Down Payment Monthly Installment Duration Final Installment
25% Down Payment Rs88,000 (25%) Rs11,000 23 months Rs9,400 (24th month)
50% Down Payment Rs176,000 (50%) Rs9,800 17 months Rs9,400 (18th month)

Pak Suzuki Installment Sales Plan

Suzuki faces intense competition from Honda and Yamaha in the affordable bike segment. The GD 110s, with its blend of style, power, and Euro II technology, offers an economical ride, especially in cities. After the recent price increase, the GD 110S costs Rs322,000, the GS 150 costs Rs350,000, the GR150 costs Rs501,000, and the GSX 125 costs Rs469,000.

Suzuki GD110S latest price and Installment Plans 2024

The installment plan includes comprehensive insurance at reduced rates and priority deliveries, making the purchasing process smoother. Despite the price hike, the GD 110s remains popular in Pakistan due to its reliability, fuel efficiency, and low maintenance. With prices reaching half a million, many buyers are looking for easy installment options with little or no markup for a stress-free payment experience.

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