Diesel and Petrol Price Today in Pakistan 2024

Today in Pakistan, the prices of different types of fuel have been updated. Premium petrol is now priced at Rs. 257.71, high-speed diesel costs Rs. 266.20, light-speed diesel is Rs. 161.17, and kerosene oil is priced at Rs. 173.48.

Diesel and Petrol Price

Oil prices change globally, impacting the cost of fuel in each country. In Pakistan, fuel prices are uniform across all cities and are set by the government. These prices are adjusted twice a month.

Diesel is a:

  • Type of fuel oil
  • Liquid energy source
  • Refined product from crude oil
  • Used in compression-ignition engines
  • Known for high energy density and viscosity

Diesel fuel is often used in:

  • Trucks and buses
  • Generators and heavy equipment
  • Ships and construction machinery
  • Farm tractors and equipment
  • Some cars and passenger vehicles with diesel engines

Organizations like OGRA and the Ministry of Pakistan look at important things to decide if fuel prices should be different.

Petroleum Prices in Pakistan Today 2024

Petroleum Type Old Price New Price Difference
Petrol PKR 273.10 PKR 268.36 -4.74
High Speed Diesel (HSD) PKR 274.08 PKR 270.22 -3.86
Light Diesel Oil (LDO) PKRĀ 166.86 PKR 166.86
Kerosene Oil PKR 186.86 PKR 186.860

Kerosene oil is mostly used by some people to mix with petrol illegally. It’s also used for lighting and heating in remote areas.

Different types of fuel have different prices. Super petrol, which is good for engine performance, costs PKR 273.10. High-speed diesel, mainly for big vehicles, costs PKR 274.08. Light-speed diesel, for medium-sized vehicles, costs Rs. 166.86.

Types of diesel used in Pakistan:

  1. High-Speed Diesel (HSD): Used in vehicles that can go above 750 RPM.
  2. Light Speed Diesel (LSD): Used in medium-speed engines, including off-road equipment and powerful vehicles.
  3. Low-Sulfur Diesel: A blend of 80-90% HSD and 10-20% Low Sulfur Marine (LSM) fuel.
  4. Premium Diesel: A higher cetane fuel than regular diesel.

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