Latest Honda Pridor Price & Zero Markup Installment Plan 2024

The Atlas Honda 100-cc Pridor sports new graphics, a strong engine, and a comfortable seat, with a modern appearance. It’s ideal for both quick trips and daily commuting. Known for low maintenance costs, smooth operation, and good acceleration, it hasn’t sold as well as other Honda models like the CG 125 and CD 70.

Just like other popular models, spare parts for the Pridor are easy to find and widely available. Many people find installment plans, such as the 2024 Honda Pridor 125 plan, a convenient choice. Despite Atlas Honda’s focus on performance and a comfortable ride, its low resale value has discouraged potential buyers and affected its popularity.

Honda Pridor Latest Price & Zero Markup Installment Plans in Pakistan- June 2024

Additionally, the manufacturer primarily makes spare parts for the Pridor, which can be more expensive compared to non-genuine parts used in more popular models. Its stylish look is enhanced by bright headlights, unique indicators, and a sleek silencer with silver accents. You can get a preview of the motorcycle from the original video released by Atlas Honda in 2012 before its launch.

Despite its downsides, the Pridor’s affordability and good performance off-road make it a reliable choice for budget-conscious travelers and off-road enthusiasts. With the Honda Pridor priced at Rs. 208,900, many buyers are looking for straightforward payment options. As for diesel and petrol prices today in Pakistan in 2024, you’d need to check the latest updates.

Honda Pridor Installment Plans

Duration Total Price Rs208,900
3 Months Plan Rs69,600 (Zero mark-up)
6 Months Plan Rs34,800 (Zero mark-up)
9 Months Plan Rs27,100
12 Months Plan Rs21,200
18 Months Plan Rs15,500
24 Months Plan Rs12,450
36 Months Plan Rs9,700

For these bikes, several institutions are providing installment options. Bank Alfalah offers the above-mentioned package.

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